• Driving up to the Taj Mahal,

    when you spot it for the first time it is breathtaking

  • Walking to the Taj Mahal...

    India is so colorful wherever you go

  • Walking through the arches,

    you see the Taj Mahal’s beauty one piece at a time

  • Riding up to the Taj Mahal,

    definitely starting to feel overwhelmed with its beauty

  • The workmanship of this creation is unthinkable

  • Such a privilege to be able to see one of the 7 Wonders of the World in person,

    built from the ultimate love story

  • Ava and I sitting on the Princess Diana's bench in front of the Taj Mahal

  • Despite the heat I could have sat here all day,

    so much beauty to take in

  • Ava practicing the art of carving marble

  • From the inside out...

    the Taj Mahal is made up of thousands of honeycombs

  • The endless doorways surrounding the Taj Mahal

  • There is nothing better than traveling with your best friend...

    I love that I could experience India through her eyes

  • Ava and I shopping for Tallulah

  • Getting dolled up, India-Style for Elle India

  • Photo shoot location - Great Earth

    - one of my favorite home stores in New Delhi

  • At the market where Ava found her favorite elephant skirt,

    can you believe it was only $4?

  • Visiting the museum after visiting the Taj Mahal,

    one of my favorite statues

  • The heat can be overwhelming

    – the fans are a must

  • Typical storefront seen throughout New Delhi

  • New Delhi Streets

  • Visual stimulation is everywhere;

    I opted for the thong brown sandal on the bottom left

  • Street performance in New Delhi market

  • I’ve worked with Children’s Hope for over 6 years,

    an organization that schools and funds children’s education throughout India, this is my first time visiting on-site

  • We were greeted by the children of Children’s Hope with song...

    it was overwhelmingly beautiful.

  • Being greeted at Children’s Hope India with handmade leis

  • A few of the faces in school

    – school in India is a privilege not a requirement, which is something I am hoping to change

  • Meeting some of the women that run the Children’s Hope center

  • This visit was definitely a highlight of my trip to India

  • The sweet faces of Children’s Hope India

  • Walking through the village to meet the artisan workers

    who are helping me create the FEED bag I collaborated with Lauren Bush Lauren

  • Some of the FEED artisans working

  • Working on the FEED collaboration bag with the artisans

  • The group of artisans working on the FEED bag

  • Bungalow rooms in Goa,

    tropical paradise

  • Woman on the beach selling bracelets,

    the saris are outstanding and picturesque

  • Sensational sunset in Goa